Cindi Roloson, RDH on “Advice from an expert recruiter: All about interview questions” ?

Think you’ve found a unique trick to stand out from the crowd? What if you future employer have seen it before. Want some Interview tips from an expert recruiter? Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not take these expert tips to make your job search go smoothly? Feel free to watch and learn!

⭐ About the Interview: Claire Jeong, StudentRDH and Dentaltoaster Founder and CEO, With Cindi Rolosonm RDH.

? Cindi is the Clinical Team Director at Dental Care of New Jersey. She leads a team of more than 25 dental hygienists and 40 dental assistants in five offices providing training, mentorship and retention development, while overseeing strict hygiene protocols, as well as production and reporting of ROI analysis.

? In this video, Claire and Cindi talks about the topic: “Advice from an expert recruiter: All about interview questions” ?

? Track your numbers. how and why.
? Red flags I see as an expert recruiter and how not be get red flagged.
? Interviews, what questions the employer can ask.
? Interviews, questions the candidate should ask.

Hope you find it helpful! ?

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