Hiring: Writer/editor for our newsletter

Hello fellow dental professional,

To share with you, we have thousands of users and subscribers at DentalToaster. Our main focus is to provide quality CE courses, that are consistent (like you would expect your toaster to grill you the perfect piece of bread), and fun.

And to add even more value, we would like to send some awesome newsletters to all of our subscribers. This is what I am currently thinking:

  • There will be sections in the newsletters (NEW news, public health, wellness, HOT news, etc.)
  • The way the newsletter is written will be more “personal” and fun, not like the articles in magazines. 
  • We can feature magazine articles from various sources too, to not be biased. The writer can add his/her own twist and interpretation.
  • This will NOT be a research-based paper.

The goal? To be THE fun newsletter dental hygiene needs

My inspiration for DentalToaster Newsletters comes from this famous newsletter called the HUSTLE. Their fantastic team digests business news and rewrite them in informative and extremely humorous manners. People like me learn and laugh at the same time. For this reason, they have millions of subscribers and have BIG silicon valley investors backing them up. Can we create something this exciting in dentistry? I hope so…

Think about it, what if dentistry news could be like that? 

So what do we need?

  • A writer who is deeply informed about the dental world and knows what’s up every month/week.
  • OR writers who can occasionally write sections.
  • An editor who can combine the sections and make a fun newsletter.

Our audience at DentalToaster is young. We have thousands (even more) of the new generation of RDHs and DMDs. 

If you are interested in a position as 1) a writer or a section 2) an editor for the entire newsletter 3) writer for the entire newsletter,

How to apply? -????

  1. Send to ClaireJ@dentaltoaster.com a summary (3-10 sentences) or your favorite dental related article, product, TedTalk, etc. that happened within the past 30 days.
  2. Schedule a call with me here. We are hiring immediately.
  3. Send to ClaireJ@dentaltoaster.com your bio and any other material that can help us understand your skills.
  4. Leave us your email.

Have a wonderful week,​​

Claire MS, RDH (Founder of DentalToaster CE online)

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