Susan Cotten, BS, RDH, PMT on “Insurance, disability and liability” ?

Ever had questions about Insurance, disability and liability? You are on the right place! We’ll answer all of your queries! So exciting and informative indeed! So keep scrolling below to view this video and to learn more! ?

⭐ About the Interview: Claire Jeong, StudentRDH and Dentaltoaster Founder and CEO, With Susan Cotten, BS, RDH, PMT.

? Susan is the owner of Oral Cancer Consulting and works as an Integrative Dental Hygienist. She also serves on The Oral Cancer Foundation RDH Advisory Board and is an advisory member of HPV Free Colorado. Susan is passionate about oral health and particularly oral cancer.

? In this video, Claire and Susan talks about the topic: “Insurance, disability and liability” ?

? My nightmare with disability insurance
? Why and how you should get disability insurance
? How to protect your body for a healthy and long career

Hope you find it helpful! ?

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