Amber Auger on Temping: Pros and Cons

We talked with Amber Auger, from “Ask Amber” at PennWell to share some useful tips on temping, how to find temp work and tips for interviewing with temp agencies. 

Dental Toaster: Do you like temping?

Amber: I really love temping. It gives me the flexibility to do what I do currently, speaking, consulting, and writing. When I am busy, I can dial down my work, and when I am having a slower month with my speaking engagement, I can seek more clinical work. If I make a little too much money at TJ Maxx, I can add some work to make it back!

Also, it gives me the opportunity to see different offices and always stay proactive. I am currently a speaker, consultant, and writer. All my accumulated experiences lead me to gain all the knowledge I have.

Dental Toaster: How to find temp work? Do you use agencies?

Amber: There are tons of agencies out there. Every agency may work differently.

You call the agency, sign up, prove that you have the licenses required (RDH license, local anesthesia, etc.). Then, you tell the agency how far you are willing to travel and the dates you are available. The agency will put you on a list and will notify you when they have work for you. When you engage in the job, the agency will give you all the information, including the rate. After the work, you will receive a check.

Another way to find temp work is to use an app. If you know what Lyft or Uber, you will understand it easily. There is a list of work and job rates. You simply look and find your match. There are no phone calls involved. I have a profile with my resume, headshot, hours available, etc. It also has ratings, so the employers can rate me.

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Dental Toaster: What is the app called?

Amber: It is called Stynt.

Dental Toaster: What is the interview process is like if you are working with a temp agency?

Amber: It is similar to a regular office interview.

Dental Toaster: Any tips for interviewing for temp agencies?

Amber: One of the biggest challenges of being a temp is being put on the spot to figure everything out. Staff will not necessarily show you where the tools are or how you are supposed to work. That said, temp agencies look for candidates that are independent and proactive. Make sure that you give that impression when you interview.

Dental Toaster: This is a big hint! Thank you. Maybe you also need to prove that you are super social. As a temp, you need to friend all the staff immediately. To add, it is also important to treat all the patients like you will see them again.

Dental Toaster: What about instruments?

Amber: I bring extra instruments in my loupe case, even if it is a few Universal scalers. Make sure that you are marking them, with your name, a color band, or something that differentiate my instruments from the office. Also, have the office sterilize the instruments separately, and you can pick them up at the end of the day.

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Dental Toaster: What about pay?

It is important that you see the rate in your area and you are paid at least that much. With the app I use, I am can set my own rate. So check with your agency or app what you can demand.

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