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[Interview] How to make a winning dental hygiene resume

In this interview, Doug and I talk about topics related to:

Doug Perry is very well respected and well known in the dental hygiene industry. His wife is an RDH, and he is not! That is irrelevant, though, because his work has been praised by hundreds of dental hygienists. He distilled his 20+ years of marketing experience into a service that dental hygienists are raving about: resume building. Doug has helped hundreds of dental hygienists get better jobs, earn promotions, and reinvent careers.

  • Top issues with resumes
  • How to sell yourself better
  • What is a testimonial sheet
  • Advice on creating a better resume
  • How long the employer looks at resumes (answer below)

Good In Theory, But Not In Practice

We are glad to have the opportunity to publish this blog written and proudly shared to us by Rebecca Comstedt, RDH. It is a very interesting story that will make you stop, think and contemplate at the relationship between learning and experience.

Per hour, flexible, work announcement

Hello all!

It is awesome to see you here, at You probably already guessed that this website is dedicated to dental professionals who would like to keep up with the fast-changing profession. Our mission is to

Help the dental professional become the successful person s/he deserves to be

Work from home, sipping your coffee, in your PJs, or with your kids around you. As long as we can provide value to our dental profession, we support your schedule and style.

How I Invented a Dental Product as an RDH

Patricia Blundon tells us how she went from a simple idea to instrument! The process was neither simple, easy or quick.

Hello! My name is Patricia Blundon and I have been a Registered Dental Hygienist in Ontario, Canada for over 25 years. I am the sole owner, operator, and creator of DH EssentialsTM where I designed and now manufacture the Dental Hygiene Clip Mirror.™