Dr. Alan Stern on, “How to lead with LOVE”

When we leave for work, we don’t leave our humanness at home. Jack Ma once said: “Human beings have the souls, have the belief, have the value; we are creative.”

The single most important factor that differentiates a good leader from a great leader is LOVE. So, what does leading with love look like in the workplace? Find out more!

Join me, Claire Jeong, RDH, MS, and Dr. Alan Stern, DDS  as we talked about leading from within. ⭐

Dr. Alan Stern has more than 37 years of experience as a dentist, in addition to an extensive background as a motivational speaker and life coach for dentists. Dr. Stern originally decided to become a dentist through his best friend’s father. His inspiration and sheer delight from dentistry motivated Dr. Stern to pursue a career in the profession.

As the founder of Better, Richer, Stronger, LLC, Dr. Stern loves teaching dentists how to improve the success of not only their practice but also their lives. He is involved in several organizations including the American Dental Association, The Pankey Institute Alumni Association, The Jersey Coast Dental Forum, and The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH).

He has also completed the Pankey Continuum and continues to study at the Pankey Institute and with other masters of dentistry. Dr. Stern is an American Council on Excercise (ACE) Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Behavior Change Specialist.

Alan (he is down to earth, he prefers his real name to Dr. Stern) is full of LOVE. He leads with LOVE and shares LOVE in his practice. His philosophy is simple to practice, and he shares with us how you can also lead with LOVE because we don’t see enough of that working as a clinician.

⭐ We also talked about:

  • What to do when you feel like your work is not appreciated
  • How to lead your patients
  • “I am your friend, not your clinician”

I felt so warm inside after we did the interview, there is something about Alan and his message that vibrates through the internet!

Find his book called “Enjoy the Ride: Lessons for the Quest to Live a Joyful, Profitable Life in Dentistry” by Alan Stern Click here!

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