Entrepreneurship 101 – Get Your Business Plan Worksheet!

Do you ever wonder how is it like to be an Entrepreneur?

Do you want to have your own business? Do you want to do something for yourself? Do you want to earn more? Of course you do! We all do! If you are reading this post, you are probably already having something brewing in your head.

In 2014, when I graduated from dental hygiene school. I went through the challenge of studying for the national dental hygiene board exam (we know how painful that is!) and knew that a new boards review solution was needed.

Fast forward 2019, StudentRDH is one of the top choices for anyone studying for their boards. And many other businesses stemmed our this one idea too:

  • SmarterDA: Dental assisting exam prep
  • DentalToaster: CE online
  • WakeUp Memory: Systems to improve your brain
  • Inspire the Future Summit: Dental hygiene educators’ conference

Along the way, I picked up some really important skills that can help anyone become an entrepreneur. Of course, I will have many decades to hustle, but I have a feeling that I will not stop. The journey is painful, but it is rewarding. It is similar to going to dental hygiene school. There are an endless amounts of tests and hurdles along the way.

Some challenges involve money, people, or ideas. Some days, we wanted to throw the towel, scream at people, and give up. But the light at the end of the tunnel is so bright, and most of use, RDHs do not regret going to school and getting that degree.

Entrepreneurship is similar!

In my course, I talked about the harsh reality. And what they call “the valley of death.” Isn’t that scary? there is literally a term in business that is called the “valley of death.” But look at the beautiful uphill that you see after the nightmare?Dental hygiene business dentaltoaster

It just means that you have to hold on to your seat belt really tight and keep moving. But you can only continue if you believe in your value 100000%. If you have doubts about yourself, you would want to get out of the darkness and quit. That’s why we need a business plan. Here, I would like to share my favorite “small” business plan exercise.

It is called the “Lean CanvasĀ model!

Adopted by millions of entrepreneurs around the world. Before you write your 50 pages business plan, start here, start small, with the minimum.

Everything fits into one page and you will everything component that moves the business clearly. Then, if you want, to can make a more elaborate business plan.

Take an hour to go to your favorite coffee shop. Give yourself permission to plan your future.

Try this exercise, Click Here!

I hope to see you extra super successful! And my email is ClaireJ@DentalToaster.com if you want a 20 mins free consultation.

With lots of encouragement,

Claire, MS, RDH

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