Most Commonly Asked Questions – For Dental Interviews

Did you claim your cheatsheet?

On the day of the interview, you need to be on your best performance. If you were auditioning for a movie, you would need to remember the lines by heart and appear most suited for the role. The same thing is true for an interview. Most of us are not generally born with a natural talent to speak and charm others. We have to prepare in advance and take the time to hone our answers. 

Interview questions can be divided into four categories: experience, character, fit, and knowledge. In other words, the employer wants to know:

  1. If you have the depth of experience for the position
  2. If your personality matches the office
  3. If you can contribute to the office
  4. If you know what you are doing and why.

Some of the most commonly asked questions could include:

  • What duties did you perform in your last job?
  • Are you more comfortable leading or following?
  • Why should I hire you?
  • How would you handle a situation where the patient is difficult?
  • How long have you been practicing?

Some questions will be vague and tough to answer, such as “why dental hygiene?” The best way to be ready for this critical day is to practice as many questions as possible. That way, when you get asked those questions, you are ready with the right answer. 

But what if you get a question that you did not rehearse? The good news is, you will be armed with lots of answers that you prepared for other questions, so you will quickly be able to put some parts of answers together. Just like making a quilt, you have many pieces that are available to you, to use as you see fit.

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