Floss is #3 in inderdental care

Floss this, floss that, more floss, floss is everything… It seems like floss will save the world. That’s what we usually hear and believe. But there is so much more to interdental care than floss.

These messages are from Michelle Strange BSDH, RDH, international speaker and famous host of A Tale of Two Hygienists.

Then what else is above floss?

One of the options is interdental brush. That is not something we are used to if we are a new grad or worked with the habit of talking mainly about floss. The course Floss is NOT everything. Consider interdental brush and oral irrigation does NOT discount the usefulness of flossing.

But it show meta-analysis that can open our options to interdental care options that may be more beneficial than floss, such as the interdental brush.

Here is a short guideline on how you can BEST “Prescribe” the right shape/size interdental brush for your patients.


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