Per hour, flexible, work announcement

Hello all!

It is awesome to see you here, at DentalToaster.com. You probably already guessed that this website is dedicated to dental professionals who would like to keep up with the fast-changing profession. Our mission is to

Help the dental professional become the successful person s/he deserves to be

Work from home, sipping your coffee, in your PJs, or with your kids around you. As long as we can provide value to our dental profession, we support your schedule and style.

We currently have some very valuable CE courses, such as the resume course, oral pathology course etc. And we are in the process of creating a lot more quality courses that can serve our dental community. For all of this to become reality, we need some help. To start with, we need someone who likes the web, social media, and writing.

  1. Posting on social media
  2. Creating written blog posts from video interviews
  3. Proofreading

If you think you are interested, fill out the form below, and we will send you more details.

NOTE: This is a contract-based work. You will work from home (yay, not commuting), virtually. 2-5 hours/week to start with, with the potential to be more involved.

Thank you all!

Claire, MS, RDH

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