Student to RDH, what do I need to know?

You may have a million questions in your head as you are ready to take off (and say goodbye school!). I have been there and I can tell you from my experience that if you are not prepared, the real world can be TOUGH.

I call it the real world because school, was honestly NOT what you will see in a dental practice. At school, you learn the gold standards. And hopefully, you continue with the best practices you learned. However, there is so much more to learn.

Nod quietly if you asked yourself the following questions:

  • How do get my license
  • Do I need insurance before I apply for a job?
  • How do I apply for a job and what do I put on my resume?
  • I was told that new grads get taken advantage of, how do I prevent that?
  • How do I speak professionally to my new employer, so he/she respects?
  • How do I track my production so make sure that I get paid correctly and how ask for a raise down the road?
  • Should start temping or should I apply for a full-time job?
  • I heard that we will need CE credits. What are they and how do I get them?
  • What if I want to do more – teach, volunteer, etc.?

If you can say “yes I had those questions and I still don’t have answers,” this webinar is for YOU!


No one has ever compiled a webinar series just for the new grads, ever!


We did a survey and hundreds of students wanted to find answers. So, we decided to make it an official webinar. What we are planning:

  • Series of 5-7 webinars (online)
  • Style: talk show (inspiration: Ellen show) combined with useful information
  • Hosted by StudentRDH/DentalToaster CE online
  • Experts in the fields will be invited to speak about the topic
  • Example:
    • Resume building – Doug Perry
    • Master your clinical schedule – Dr. Joy, RDH
    • What if you want to do more and be an educator, volunteer, sales representative, etc.?- TBD
    • How to start your CE journey – TBD
    • Clinical challenges that will hit you as a new grad – TBD
    • Special talk with real new grads, they advise – TBD

If you want to save a SPOT, fill out the pre-registration here. We may have limited seats, so reserve one TODAY. Just fill out this form and you will get updates!

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